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Statue Care

Care for Statues and Mini-busts:

   Each creation is formed of cold cast porcelain. This combination of resin and porcelain is a material that should be handled carefully. Each figurine should be lightly dusted on a regular basis. We recommend using a soft, unused watercolor brush. If the piece is kept dust free, additional cleaning is not necessary. If cleaning is required, dampen a soft cloth and carefully wipe the figurine. Soap and cleansers will harm paint and should not be used on the resin. Allow the figurine to air dry in a safe place before returning to display.

Display Recommendations:

   Display your statues and mini busts in a safe location. Keep your figurines away from direct sunlight to avoid fading or discoloration. Overcrowded displays contribute to figurine damage and chipping. Allow for a reasonable amount of space between your collectibles.

Keep collecting and take care of your collections!

    - Mr. Collector

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